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Luxurious Travel with the VIP 707-330B

Charter Price: $12,000 HR U.S. ( wet approx )
Purchase Price: $6,200,000 U.S.

Originally developed to cover the vast distances of the Pacific Ocean at high speed, this Boeing 707-330B Aircraft is capable of flying an entourage of VIPs in lavish surroundings non-stop over 6,000 miles at speeds in excess of 500 mph, all while providing four engine safety and complying with the latest navigation and noise regulations.

History of the VIP 707-330B

This aircraft may be the finest VIP Boeing 707 ever converted! It was delivered new to Lufthansa Airlines, and was subsequently sold and converted to VIP configuration in 1985. There have been only two owners since the VIP conversion and the aircraft has continued in the tradition set by Lufthansa of receiving only the best maintenance from the most qualified FAR Part 145 qualified repair stations around the world.

The most Luxurious and Modernized 707 on the Market

The tastefully appointed 36 passenger VIP interior has been completely restored to pristine condition in September 2003. The interior features multiple dining, recreation, and sleeping compartments for the comfort and benefit of all passengers on 12+ hour flights. Beige and Cornflower blue leather coverings on the seating areas are accented by gold plated hardware throughout the cabin, medium wood veneers on the cabinetry, Beige Ultra suede on the window valences, and subtlety patterned, Medium blue carpet. No expense has been spared on the restoration of this beautiful interior that rivals anything offered in today’s market.


This area has a large principal seat facing forward, with a three-place divan opposite. A high-low table, with foldable leaves, provides dining and leisure possibilities for up to four occupants. A dedicated console housing telephones and entertainment control buttons is placed on the outboard side ledge, next to the principal seat. A TV and book cabinet are within easy reach. A further cabinet for books and entertainment equipment is placed behind the principal seat. The principal seat is upholstered in Beige leather while the divan is in Cornflower blue leather. The ceiling and the windows are covered with Beige Ultra suede. All hardware is finished in gold plate throughout the aircraft.

Entertainment & Communications Include:

  • 1 Sony TV
  • 1 Sony Betamax player
  • 1 Pioneer DVD player
  • 1 camera system
  • 1 Sony CD player
  • 1 Airshow system
  • 1 Sony stereo amplifier
  • 1 Subwoofer system
  • 1 Sony stereo tape deck
  • 1 Handset for Satcom
  • 1 Sony stereo tuner
  • 1 Handset for Crew Call
  • 1 JVC VHS video player 3 Handset outlets

Master Bedroom

A large double bed is placed against the side ledge with the passenger facing forward when lying down. A small bedside cabinet with dedicated lighting is part of the design. Diagonally opposite is a high cabinet for clothing and an integrated TV monitor. A large, comfortable divan is fitted at the bottom of the bed. From the Master Bedroom, there is direct access to the Stateroom, Passageway and Master Bathroom.

Entertainment & Communications Include:

  • 1 Sony TV
  • 1 Handset for Crew Call
  • 2 Headset Outlets

Master Bathroom

This area comprises a large shower, full height lockable closet, hand basin with gold-plated taps, mirror surround and a toilet covered in leather.

Second Bedroom

In this comfortable room, a single bed is placed on the outboard side, facing forward. An integrated bedside cabinet is provided, while clothing storage is in the form of a slim cabinet and overhead bin.

Entertainment & Communications Include:

  • 1 Headset outlet
  • 1 Handset for Crew Call

Main Lounge

This well planned open lounge comprises two large dining areas and a central recreational area for dining, lounging, or working.

The recreational area in the centre of the Lounge includes:

  • Two principal seats on the left hand side, facing each other.
  • One large fixed table.
  • Two sets of two facing chairs on the right hand side of the cabin.
  • Each set of chairs includes a fixed table with foldable leaves.

The Forward Dining offers the following:

  • Two single seats facing forward.
  • One three-place divan opposite; the seats facing aft.
  • One large high-low table providing leisure and dining possibilities.

The aft dining area, also on the left side of the aircraft, is a repetition of the forward dining area, with the three-place divan facing forward, opposite two rear facing chairs. Next to this area, on the right side of the cabin is a high cabinet for general storage, including a telephone. In the forward bulkhead a large TV is flush mounted to the bulkhead.

Entertainment & Communications Include:

  • 1 Sony TV
  • 1 Pioneer DVD player
  • 1 Sony CD player
  • 1 Sony stereo amplifier
  • 1 Sony stereo tape deck
  • 1 Sony stereo tuner
  • 1 JVC VHS video player
  • 1 Video game station
  • 1 Airshow system
  • 1 Subwoofer system
  • 1 Handset for Satcom
  • 1 Handset for Crew Call
  • 14 Headset outlets for audio and video
  • 1 Fax machine

Kitchen Gallery

An expansive U-shaped galley area, with an additional section on the rear bulkhead, is designed towards practicality and ergonomics. The large U-shaped section is typically used for food preparation and stowage, whilst the aft bulkhead section houses the ovens, microwaves, refrigerators etc. Kitchen cabinetry is finished in Natural White with accenting gold-plated hardware and light grey corian countertops. The kitchen provides ample space for storage and preparation of multiple meals on long flights. Another feature of this Kitchen is the waste disposal to the aft Cargo Bay with access through the floor in this area.

Entrance Lobby

This area is characterized by the flexibility of a reception /lounge area with extra features providing facilities to dine and sleep. One three-place divan is positioned on the left hand side of the cabin with an extendable top dining table. A sliding curtain enclosing this area is provided for sleeping privacy. Opposite, on the right hand side, an extremely wide divan is positioned to create a lounge effect. Cabinets, against the bulkhead, are provided for clothing and office materials. Forward of the entrance lobby is the Crew lavatory, double attendant seat and Cockpit. To the right, a Passageway leads to the Private Suite and through to the Main Lounge.


The Passageway on the right hand side of the aircraft leads the way to the Main Lounge and access to the Private Suite, comprising a Stateroom, Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom and an additional Private Bedroom with a direct link to the Master Bathroom.

Service Hallway

This hallway leads passengers to the Kitchen, Third Bedroom, Dining Compartment/Fourth Bedroom, Rear Lobby and Executive Lavatory

Third Bedroom

The bedroom is characterized by a large double bed facing aft with a bedside cabinet and a small section for clothes. The bulkheads are finished in neutral tones with windows, valance panels and ceilings finished in Beige Ultra suede material.

Dining Compartment/Fourth Bedroom

This compartment comprises two double divans facing each other, with a high-low table in between, with foldable leaves. A low stowage cabinet is also incorporated in this area. Bulkheads are finished in neutral tones, divans are covered in Cornflower blue leather, and the hard furniture is finished in wood veneer. Divans can be converted to a bed.

Rear Lobby

This area provides access to the Executive Rear Bathroom and also houses the Air Stairs and emergency equipment.

Executive Rear Bathroom

Equipped with a large shower, hand basin and lavatory seat covered in leather, the executive rear bathroom provides additional amenities within adequate space.

Equipment & Avionics:

  • 4-tube Collins EFIS
  • 86 Com Triple Collins VHF 22C
  • Nav Dual Collins VIR 32
  • ADF Dual Collins ADF 60
  • DME Dual Collins DME 42
  • Transponder Dual Collins TDR 94D
  • HF Dual Collins 618T-2 with SELCAL INS
  • Triple Honeywell Laseref FDR L3 F1000 Digital
  • CVR Fairchild A100S Digital
  • TCAS TTR 920 (Change 7)
  • GPWS Sundstrand Mk II Radar Altimeter
  • Dual ADC Dual Collins ADC 80
  • Autopilot Bendix PB20D
  • EFIS Cockpit Satcom with Fax Stage III compliant TAWS RVSM and MNPS compliant EU Qualified


The Aircraft is currently on a Boeing low utilization FAA approved maintenance program and is currently operating throughout the world under US FAR Part 125. A Heavy B Check, including extensive CPCP closure and SSID compliance was completed in August, 2003. The last Aircraft C check was completed in Summer, 2004, while the next Aircraft D check comes due in 2008.

Engines: Pratt & Whitney JT3D-3B Stage III

# TSN CSN Limiter Hours Limiter Cycles Next HSI
1 40,081 10,543 51,405 - T3 11,576 - C16 43,010
2 58,201 16,942 58,768 - T2 19,887 - C14 63,752
3 54,945 15,930 55,894 - T3 18,529 - C2 60,899
4 40,927 19,640 52,765 - T3 23,988 - C1 48,206

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